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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Best Damn Cisco Internetworking Book Period

The Best Damn Cisco Internetworking Book Period

Title: The Best Damn Cisco Internetworking Book Period
category: Computer Communications & Networking

ISBN: 1931836914
Author: Charles Riley
Paperback: 800 pages;
Publisher: Syngress;
Language: English

The Best Damn Cisco Internetworking Book Period shows readerseverything they need to know about all Cisco internetworking topics.The book provides an understanding of Cisco's current VoIP solutionsand the means to put them to work, showing how to configure all ofCisco's core VoIP productsamong them Cisco CallManager software, Cisco7910 series phones, and server-based IP PBXs. It discusses IPv6Protocols, as well as IP Quality of Service (QoS) and how it applies toEnterprise and Internet Service Provider (ISP) environments.
In addition, Cisco wireless technologies are covered in detail. Ciscohas placed a high priority on security and here readers will findcomplete coverage of all the Cisco Security products such as the PIXfirewall suite of products, Network Address Translation (NAT), CiscoVPN Concentrator and IPSec, Cisco Authentication, Authorization, andAccounting (AAA), Content Services Switch (CSS), and the Cisco SecureNetwork Intrusion Detection System.

This book is sure to become a dog eared reference for all Cisco engineers and administrators.
- The one book that covers all major Cisco Internetworking concepts and configurations.
- The only book to cross reference Cisco internetworking topics: VoiceOver IP, Remote Access, Wireless, AVVID, and QoS. In addition, newtechnologies are covered in depth: AVVID, SIP, MGCP, and more.
- A 1-stop reference for Cisco professionals needing coverage of core Cisco exam topics.

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