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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Troubleshooting your PC for Dummies

Troubleshooting your PC for Dummies

* Most troubleshooting books concentrate on upgrading-and usuallyhardware at that. This book concentrates on solving problems-whetherthey are software, hardware, or operating system problems. The problemsare the ones that Dan Gookin hears most often-the most frequentlymentioned problems from his readers.
* Provides the background to understanding the differences betweenhardware and software errors and learning about the computer's startupsequence to help diagnose and fix common startup problems.
* Fix irritable error messages, slow PCs, internet and email problems, shutdown errors, and other common PC problems.
* Covers not only common disk problems, but also concentrates onusing disk tools to improve disk performance, and preventativemaintenance techniques.
* Techniques to avoid disaster: system restore, backup, disk cleanup, and virus protection.
* Tools and utilities provided by Windows to help troubleshoot your computer.

Download Description

Targeting the snags, glitches, and predicaments cited mostfrequently by readers, bestselling author Dan Gookin clearly explainshow to diagnose and cure common PC problems, whether they originatewith software, the operating system, or hardware
This updated edition features new, expanded coverage of laptop woes aswell as Internet and e-mail issues, broadband connections, spamblocking, and security concerns
Provides advice on how to prevent PC problems in the first place and create a safe and secure PC environment
Dan Gookin is known for his ability to explain technology in aneasy-to-understand and enjoyable fashion; his writing style, name, andreputation are unparalleled in the industry

Book Info
Concentrates on solving problems-whether they are software, hardware,or operating system problems. The problems are the ones that Dan Gookinhears most often-the most frequently mentioned problems from hisreaders. Softcover.

From the Back Cover
The fun and easy way™ to diagnose the problem and get your computer back up and running
Solve all types of PC problems – hardware and software

Got a PC headache? Let Dan Gookin show you how to find relief

Funny start-up noises. Lost files. Mouse madness. Slowdowns. Webweirdness. Disk disasters. The dreaded blue screen of death. If you’rebeset by PC problems like these, you’ve come to the right place. PCexpert extraordinaire Dan Gookin shows you step by step how to preventPC calamities, deal with dozens of common mishaps and annoyances – andpreserve your sanity.

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