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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How to Get Passwords with File Sharing Programs!

How to Get Passwords with File Sharing Programs!

OK, this will show you how to get passwords for anything from runescape, pc logins,, and even eBay!

Ok, here's how:

1. First you need to get a file sharing program, so go find one!
2. When you get your file sharing program, click on search.
3. Click on 'Documents', 'Word Processing" or similar in the search section, and type anything like: My Passwords, Runescape Passes, Passes, ebay Passwords, My Passes, Rapidshare Pass, anything that is like this, the best is My Passwords.
4. Now when you decide what you’re going to type into the search, type it in and click search.
5. When it finishes searching, look for something you want, and download it.
6. All you need to do now is open the file when it’s downloaded, and there you are, passwords!

How Does This Work?
Well, some versions of file sharing programs, for example LimeWire share your whole hard-drive to download things off, and some people are so stupid they save their passwords in documents. When you search with your client, you get those idiot's passwords. It’s great, I use this quite a bit and it has always worked, I got some great stuff using this and you will too. You are mostly going to find xxx passes which is good

anyway, enjoy your password hunting!

Also, this is how to get onto forums and places you log in as people:
In your client, do a search like last time, but this time search for 'cookies.txt' and dl some. Place these cookies in your cookies folder on your hard drive and you will now be able to log on as people of forums and shit .

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