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Monday, February 4, 2008

Beginning Programming

Beginning Programming

Author(s) : Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Kathie Kingsley-Hughes
Publisher : Wrox
ISBN 10 : 0764584065
ISBN 13 : 9780764584060
Language : English
Pages : 479
File type : PDF
Size : 8.8 MB (book + source code)

This book is aimed at those who want to learn to be programmers but who haven’t had a background that has exposed them to programming or programmers-teachers, pupils, nurses, lawyers, lorry drivers, pilots. People who see the ability to get a computer to work for them as an advantage that they want to have access to.

It will give you the firm grounding that you need to be able to narrow your field of study and concentrate on the task of specializing in particular programming languages or tasks. In these pages, you won’t find any “how to become a work expert programmer in 5 minutes” or “how to write world-beating applications,” but what you will find is solid information that will enable you to take your skills in the direction they need to go.

The purpose of this book is to allow those who are interested in programming to gather the skills and experience they need to fulfill their goals. The primary focus of this book is, therefore, the skills that are at the core of being a programmer. It shows you the theory of programming and takes a look at this theory in action in real code. I use a variety of languages throughout the book to help demonstrate and explain these concepts.

The languages that you will be looking at include:
- C++
- Java
- VBScript
- JavaScript

This book shows numerous examples of these languages in action as well as providing opportunities to use a variety of programming tools and compilers.

Chapter 01 - What Is Programming
Chapter 02 - Why Learn to Program
Chapter 03 - How Computers “Read” Code
Chapter 04 - From Concepts to Code — The Language of Code
Chapter 05 - The Tools for Programming
Chapter 06 - Simple Coding
Chapter 07 - The Structure of Coding
Chapter 08 - Problem Solving
Chapter 09 - Debugging
Chapter 10 - Interface
Chapter 11 - Putting It All Together
Chapter 12 - Interacting with Files
Chapter 13 - The Windows Registry
Chapter 14 - Organizing, Planning, and Version Control
Chapter 15 - Compiling Code and Alternatives to Compiling
Chapter 16 - Distributing Your Project
Appendix A - Glossary
Appendix B - Web Resources

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